Monday, August 31, 2009


Secession and a new civil war are either not necessary or impossible to win if it does become necessary. Impossible to win for the federal government, that is.

Take a good look at this map showing states that have either introduced 10th Amendment sovereignty resolutions or passed a resolution in one or both houses:

It's all about battle lines. In the civil war, there was a very clear battle line. If you look at this map, where is the federal government's power base? It doesn't exist. In this fight, there are no geographical battle lines. Once the guns come out, where will the feds get their manpower? From the states that have had enough? From Washington DC?

There are currently "only" 36 balloons on that map (that's more than two-thirds!) That does not mean that the other states will fight for the central government when it comes down to the wire. The real balance of power is likely even worse for the feds.

Even more importantly, this time there are no moral battle lines. There is no great moral cause to bind the centralist forces against the pro-liberty forces. It's not like these pro-sovereignty states can be classified as "pro-old South", "pro-slavery", or even as "racists", or otherwise slandered to create an evil enemy that people supporting the feds are willing to sign up and fight against. If there are any battle lines at all, they are (all of the) states vs. the federal government. You know who will win that fight.

Pro-sovereignty people in the states need to figure out that they cannot lose - and that the federal government cannot win any such altercation. They also need to figure out that their state governments had absolutely better listen to them and push the federal government back into its constitutional bounds (by simply saying "no" to it) - or lose their jobs in 2010.

This Dallas Morning News article here, for example, (read the comments) is not about Perry vs. Hutchinson. It's not about Debra Medina against both of them. It's not even about Texas secession. (If we cannot elect a decent governor while we are a state, what makes us think we can do better once Texas is a country again?) It's about freedom from federal tyranny, and the people's voice is getting louder and louder. The feds know that. Obamacare is already stalling. Future Obama proposals will be harder and harder to push through Congress as the 2010 elections near.

Bush was so bad that he drove voters into Obama's arms. Obama is so bad that he is driving voters home into the Founders' and the Constitution's arms. State legislators and governors beware! Let's hear one big "Hail!" for unabashed tyrants like Bush and Obama. They make people remember where their priorities are.