Sunday, July 19, 2009

Security Guard takes an Oath to Uphold and Defend the Constitution Will You?

Not my post, got this is an email, but thought it might be good here.
I urge you to go to the website above and read it's contents. This issue touches everyone of us, our Children and Grandchildren, and the future of our Nation (the United States.) Look at the video's on the right of the page, from people across the Nation taking the oath to defend the Constitution. There's one from a uniformed Security Guard in particular that I really liked. I'm wondering now if that same Security Guard still has a job, with this current administration in it's seemingly unAmerican stance.
If he doesn't still have his job, and is on this Security Guard mailing list, please let me know, one of us will help you find employment.

Everyone in the community service field, be it Military, Law Enforcement AND we, as Security Guards can (and probably WILL) be told to re-enforce and assist UNLAWFUL orders against our own people. You are probably saying 'that will never happen', well, it can and will happen and people like you and I, that are wearing badges will be pulled into it, and we'll be asked/told to do things our gut instinct tells us isn't right, that isn't lawful-under our Constitution.

When I was in the Texas State Guard, (2 separate stints), we were trained to do "traffic control" at the exits of our City and stop all vehicles from leaving the City (in the event of 'Martial Law'). During this training, we were told that if the people didn't have appropriate ID's they couldn't leave, and would be turned around. If these people refused or resisted our orders, they'd be detained and placd on busses (borrowed from the school system) that would be parked alongside where we were and they'd be taken away to an unknown location . We were also told that we may have duty at the Post Offices, or schools, etc... If we were posted at the Post Office, we would be there to assure "peace" while the Citizens were in line to "register" where their Children were in school. And the Parents would have to show ID, tell where their Children were schooled and would then be added into a computer (a database). Also, we could be sent to a School to assist in "peace", where the Parents wouldn't be allowed to pick up their Children until they've 'registered' and were cleared to do so.

Do you think this sounds way too strange to believe? Google it, do a search on 'Martial law' and or ask any Texas State Guardsmen that was enlisted (and trained) within the past 10 years. When I realized that the training we were going thru made me feel as though I was a traitor to our people, our Country and our Constitution, I had to find a way out before 'it hit the fan' and I was forced (ordered) to do what I didn't want to do.
I got out, received the honorable discharge and have never regretted my decision, now I can look myself in the mirror and not worry about what I would be ordered to do, against my own neighbors.

I remember one day during training, I asked "what if the people wanting to leave (the City) has elderly or sick Parents that live out in the Country and they need to get to them (that was my situation exactly). The Officer stated, that "if they didn't have the appropriate ID, they'd be turned back, and if they refused or gave us problems, no matter the reason they'd be detained, if needed we'd assist law enforcement in putting flexi-cuffs on them and they'd be placed on the buses nearby."

And from that minute onward, I had a sick feeling in my stomach and the worse feeling of dread I'd ever felt. It was then I knew I had to do something for myself and my Family, to get out and make sure I would be able to get to my Parents when the time came. I shortly thereafter started teaching my Son to drive, and we used alternate routes out of the City and on the County roads to my Parents house, as training routes. He learned to drive using these routes, and was told if he ever needed to, to use them and he knew what to do in case of a roadblock up ahead, etc... He was trained well, by someone that had a 'heads up' as to what will take place, (when it happens.)
My Son was just starting High School back then, I taught him all about our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, our Laws and he even had copies and studyied Texas State Law, from actual Police Academy textbooks. He knows his rights better than some Law Enforcement officers. He's 6'4, 25 years old, a fine young Man and is part of the future of our Country.

Unfortunately, my Parents have both now passed, so worrying about getting to assist them isn't an issue anymore, but my Son still lives in the same town I lived back then, and I now live were my Parents did, in the Country.

Will you be the one that tells my Son that he can't come to his Moms house, to help her when 'it' hits the fan?
If you believe like I do, that we have no legal or ethical right to infringe upon the safety and rights of our fellow Citizens, go to this website and read it and take the oath!

I took an oath, as a Texas State Guardsmen to ..."uphold and defend the Constitution, against enemies, foreign and domestic..." and that's STILL what I plan to do.
Will you?


What have your done for your Country, and what do you plan to do?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does NumbersUSA really want to hold Congress Accountable?

I wrote this to NumbersUSA regarding Roy Beck's statement "Most importantly, my letter puts each Member of Congress on notice that 900,000 members of NumbersUSA will make sure that all supporters of amnesty answer for their actions during next year's elections."

There is an organization named that will partner with NumbersUSA to help remove those members of Congress ignoring the faxes, letters, phone calls, etc. REALLY holds Congress accountable, the ONLY organization in the country to do so. Please join as a coalition to remove traitor congressman! Write to for more info.

They repied with "Thanks for the information. Our mission is not to kick out congress (though we wish many of them would leave). "

Is this really how NumbersUSA will make sure they answer to their WISHING many of them would leave?  At we do not WISH, we mercilessly FIRE THEM for their actions!