Wednesday, May 27, 2009

US Goes Communist, China Goes Capitalist

Under Barry Obama's tutelage, the United States are going socialist/communist in response to the US/UK induced global financial crisis, while communist China apparently goes the other way. It's all part of the great planned 'equalization' of world economic systems, or so it seems. At least, that's the only reasonable explanation I can come up with. Otherwise, it makes no sense - just like Oby's economic policies (and pronouncements, and cabinet appointments, and what have you) make no sense from a common-sense perspective.

Oby said "we must bail out GM". More reasonable minds begged to differ and said it would be waste of money because eventually, without a market and overburdened by government-supported union demands, GM is going bankrupt, anyway. Well, here we are. GM is going bankrupt in spite of government pumping tens of billions of dollars down its chute for which Americans will have to work and pay in the future - not to "pay the money back" but just to allow the government to stay current on its debt service obligations.

Insanity wherever you look, and the media portray it all like "Oh well, that one didn't work, let's see if we can find even bigger failures to put Americans on the hook for (a la California and New Jersey, maybe?) Inevitably, under Bush and Obama (an their ridiculous Congresses) combined, US federal unfunded liabilities have now swollen from just under 60 trillion (bush) to over 100 trillion dollars! (Oby's first 100 days, alone!)

Naturally, it wasn't just Oby who perpetrated this. None of it would have been possible without a compliant and sycophantic Congress - including your Congressman, in all likelihood.

Time to vote them out. Get with the flow of the times and join Operation Pink Slip.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


... but he isn't selfish about it at all. He wants all future presidents to have that power, too!

This was reported in the New York Times today, a leftist, generally pro-Obama newspaper. It was also discussed on NPR. At, it got all of 51 diggs by now - a dismal whimper!

America, where are you? Are you dead already?? I sure hope not.

I see a lot of complaining in these comments, but not even the suggestion of a solution other than "I gotta buy more guns!" Guns won't help you. Obama's boys got bigger ones, and your friends won't help you, either.


Go to your Congressman and Senator's office (the election won't come until 11/2010 so it;s too early to kick them out). Talk to whoever is there. Ask for an appointment and tell them you want to talk to him/her about how he intends to vote on this. Come back until you actually get to speak to him or until he calls you on the phone. Don't take a mere promise not to vote for this proposed law at face value. Tell him you will be back with some friends - and then keep your word!. Be polite, not abusive, but absolutely and unflinchingly firm. Inform him that if he ever allows his arm to be twisted enough making him vote for this bill, you will do everything in your power to vote him out of office in 2010, including campaigning for his strongest opponent, regardless of how much you dislike his opponent (if you do). It will be the only thing that will make him pay attention.


If you let this pass and only complain without swinging into full throttle action now, you are as much to blame as Obama and the congressional swine who will vote for this law. I will call my Congressman, Gene Green, (D-TX 29) and my two Senators (Cornyn and Hutchinson) tomorrow morning. I will not let go until I get a personal response from each of them, not a "form letter." I will be addressing 3000-4000 people speaking at a local July 4th Tea Party Rally. I will blog, I will talk to everyone I know. I will write articles, and I will build a lunch group of people who want to be free of "preemptive" arrests at the mere whim of some screwball public official.

What will you do? Relying on to your guns is useless. If you are ever forced to use them, it will already be too late. This proposed law must NEVER pass! Get used to spending the rest of your life enforcing the Constitution on your elected servants - or become their serf yourself.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to Keep the Fear of Tyranny from Ruling Your Life

So much of what Liberty Activists are reading, doing, and promoting is fear based.

"OMG, the government wants to take my right of free speech away by passing the 'Fairness Doctrine'."

"OMG, they stormed a private home and arrested that poor 16 year old kid under the Patriot Act. When are they coming after me?"

"OMG, now Obama is telling executives of private companies how to run their business. It's socialism!"

This mind set can take a hold on your psyche, on your very soul, and it can lay you to waste and make you ineffective- and that's exactly what the enemies of freedom want.

How do you protect yourself from that mental/emotional rut and ultimate trap?

Forget about trying to "defend" freedom. Freedom is never successfully "defended". It can only be successfully gained.

There is something in the nature of man that makes him want to acquire power over others. The secret is that this psychology in itself, more than anything else, is fear based.People who seek power over others (rather than to increase their power over their own lives) are scared to death.

They have no faith. They believe that the only way they can be secure is by taking security away from others. They believe that the only way to be free is to take freedom away from others. They believe that the only way to gain control over their own lives is by taking that control away from others, so they won;t have any competition.

There is a saying in the Bible that goes: "You shall know them by their fruits."

What these people sow is fear, fear in their perceived "adversaries" - you and me - with whom they falsely believe to be in competition for the luxuries and all the "good things" in life.

My point: Don't take their bait.

They sow fear, they try to rule by fear - so don't take their fruit and eat it. Don't fall into their fear trap. You will drive yourself crazy whenever you do, and you accomplish nothing.

Some of us "Patriots" are very good at selling this fear to others of us. Entire information web sites on the NWO operate on our fascination with the next fearful thing that is about to befall us all. They often present good information - but they also sow fear.

Fighters, warriors, know that the best way to fight is to fight as if you have already lost everything, even your life. This is the warrior spirit of old. You can read about it in any ancient martial arts classic. When you have nothing to lose, you focus only on what you intend to gain.

That's the origin of the old adage that "Attack is the best defense."

What type of "attack" are we talking about here, though? Get our guns out and start shooting? Hell no. Whom do you want to shoot at? What do you think you can accomplish that way? Nothing. You'll only kill some (mostly innocent) people and land yourself in prison and on a lethal injection gurney.

"Attack"means fighting for your and others' freedom as if you never had any, as if you have never tasted true freedom.

In "battle, the aim is to destroy the enemy. That means you first have to find the enemy. Fight the wrong enemy or focus on an enemy contingent he has set up for you as a ruse, as a diversion, as a trap, and you lose.

So, who or what is our real enemy?

Those who are currently in (too much) power want you to believe that your enemies are people - individuals who can be blamed for this or that, individuals you can then attack and engage in battle. That is a huge trap in and of itself.

Our "enemies" are not people. Most of those who support the tyrannical state do so because they are clueless of the effects of what they are doing. They can some benefit, develop a nice little niche, and then become fearful they might lose what they have accomplished, so the Leviathan only needs to tell them their little kingdom is in danger and they do what they are told.

No. Our "enemies" are the freedom-destroying laws that are passed in Congress and in state legislatures, and the misguided court rulings that uphold these laws as "constitutional."

How do we attack these laws? We need to gain control of the lawmaking bodies that pass them and that refuse to abolish them.

How do we do that? By using the first two our three Boxes of Liberty: We get on our soap box so we have more effect at the ballot box. If we ever have to actually use our ammo box, it will mean that we were abject failures in using the first two boxes. Don't put the cart before the horse!

Action cures fear.

Get out in front of people. Talk to them. Explain to them how the current economic crisis is the result of too many bad laws passed by too many bad, entrenched lawmakers. (The Fed keeps interest rates too low which causes a hunger for yield and raises risk appetite, and that allows bad financiers to devise and sell too any risky financial instruments (CDO's, etc.) that later collapse, causing economic mayhem).

Bad laws are passed by bad lawmakers. Learn to vote the lawmakers out to discipline them for their wrongdoing. You are a law enforcer. The law you enforce is the law of the land, the Constitution for the United States and your state's Constitution.

Bad lawmakers are many. Good lawmakers are few. It's much easier to fire a bad one than to find and elect a good one - so have at it. Fire the lawbreakers. It weakens the enemy. If you force the enemy to constantly replace and re-train his soldiers, his army will be weak. That's how you fight. That's how you win: with the goal in mind, with absolute determination - and without any fear of losing.

Trust me, you have nothing to lose. You only have Freedom to gain. Get active!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toward A Separation of Greed and State

The alleged "separation of church and state" is a ruse. It is nothing but a "liberal" effort of shielding an all-powerful state (in their own liberal image) from the influence of believers in Christ.

Likewise, "conservative" efforts of funding "faith-based initiatives" with public money is nothing but an attempt to gain the electoral upper hand by tapping into the Christian vote - in order to erect their own all-powerful government in their own (conservative) image while influencing religious institutions through infusions of public money.

What is really needed and what the Founders intended is the separation of state and church. (not of "church and state"). Keep the secular state completely out of the business of the church. Stop trying to force churches to incorporate so the IRS can dictate to them what their pastors are allowed or not allowed to say. Churches, like people, must be free - unless criminal laws are broken, of course.

But there is an even more fundamental level of needed separation. It is not the church or religion that threatens to break down the remaining foundations of this country. It is human greed.

Corporate lobbyists go to Washington to feed at the government's trough because that's where the money is. Currently, the government can tax, borrow, and cause the (non-governmental) US FED to print unlimited amounts of money. That's where the problem lies - but it doesn't have to be that way.

Remove the unlimited potential funding, and you remove the influence of unlimited greed.

How do you empty the government's trough? Empty Congress of non-compliant lawmakers - lawmakers who are actually lawbreakers in that they ignore the law that limits their power which is, of course, the Constitution.

The Constitution is short and easy to understand (unless you are a judge or a lawyer). Read it, measure your representatives' legislative actions against it, and then vote according to what you have learned.

Let no one tell you to vote otherwise. No party, no neighbor, no Supreme Court justice. No one.
Teach your neighbors and family members to apply the same standard - and we will all be free.

This is the ultimate form of self-responsibility. It is also the only way out of our current economic mess.

Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and kept it alive for nine-plus decades. The Fed has goosed the money supply too far for too long, resulting in excessively low interest rates, which caused excessive borrowing (aka the housing crisis) and has choked off saving. Banks are losing their pants because excessive lending (and investing in shaky credit derivatives) has obliterated their balance sheets. Now, they won't even lend with near-zero (and in any case sub-zero) real interest rates. Progressively laid-off consumers are finally saving and thus not spending their money in the economy, so the economy stays in reverse.

Congress' and Obama's attempts to 'gun' the economy by creating even more government-issued credit are not working. They cannot work. You can't dig yourself out of a hole.

Congress has allowed all of this to happen - and you have allowed your Congressman/woman/Senator to go along with it.

The solution is in your hand - and in your hand only.

Get control of Congress and you get control of excessive spending/borrowing. Get control of that and you no longer need a US central bank. Without Congress' need to repay the Fed, there is no need for federal income taxes. Without the debt burden and the tax burden thus created, and with actual money (silver and gold-based, not electronically created "credits" in banks' account ledgers), all of our work will actually be rewarded instead of putting us further into debt. You will once again own your property instead of renting it from the bank or from the State. That's the way out of the economic depression. Nothing else that's currently proposed will do it.

Am I dreaming? Maybe ... but it's a dream worth dreaming.

All others end in nightmares.

Friday, May 15, 2009

When Issues Kill ...

Ordinarily, political issues don't kill people (although they can). They kill freedom, instead.

How so?

When people vote along issue-lines, politicians stay in power by pandering to both sides, causing artificial and essentially meaningless (to freedom at least) disagreements, that way dividing our voting strength. This technique is especially effective in a two-party system like ours.

Issues are not for voting. They are for beating your representatives over the head with while in office, but not at election time.

At election time, the only thing that should influence anyone's vote is whether your Congressman/Senator or whatever has voted for laws that violate the Constitution. If he did, kick him out. Forget about issues. He only gets to stay if he obeyed the law of the land and lived up to his oath of office. (If you can't trust his oath, how can you trust anything he ever says or does?)

For purposes of your vote, who is the judge as to whether he did or didn't violate his oath of office?

YOU are.

Not him. Not the media, not party leaders, and certainly not the US Supreme Court. You are the supreme judge when it comes to deciding whom to vote for and whom to kick out. Nobody can tell you whom to vote for or against.

Isn't that an awesome power?

Use it - or lose it!


Wells Fargo's computers are down completely as of 8:24 am this morning, and even Google News is out of service. Even Wells Fargo phone reps cannot access any account information. They are just waiting for the 'puters' to go back up.

This has been going on for at least an hour and a half. Weird. Stay tuned for more. It may be nothing - but then again ...

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bachmann Geithner Overdrive

This is how all of us need to question our representatives (including Michele Bachman) when they vote for legislation the Constitution doesn't expressly authorize:

Way to go, Michele!

Uhhm, ... about that statement where Geithner states unequivocally under oath (he is testifying before Congress) that he would reject a global currency, compare this newspaper article from only two days later, where he tells the Chinese that he is "quite open" to the idea.

Was he lying under oath? Or will he claim that at that moment in time before Congress he didn't yet know that he would reverse his position only two days later?


The New Social Contract

It seems you misunderstood the notion of "social contract". Our contract with you absolutely does not mean you get to do what you want, once we elect you. It seems you need a clarification of what we mean by that term.

Here it is:

You politicians only get to go to Washington if you make sure we stay free.

No more B.S. like publicly claiming you are "going to work for the American people" while legislating our birthrights away.

No more promises to do what we want and then ignoring our express will. (Remember the bailouts?)

If you want to represent us in DC, (or n our state capitol, or city hall, or wherever) you get one chance to get this right. Screw it up, and you're gone.

We no longer care if you "bring home the bacon". That is no longer of concern to us. Keep us free and we'll leave you be. Betray our trust - and you'll bite the dust.

That's your new clarification to our old contract. Fulfill it, and you're good to go. Break it, and you're fired.

More and more of us are beginning to realize this, and we are beginning to vote this way. Considerations of party membership no longer constrain either our will nor our exercise of that will at the ballot box. You no longer control us. We control you.

The U.S. Constitution is our collective will, our law, to you. It is the Supreme Law of the Land. Disobey its express mandates, step outside of its express (and very limited) power grant, try to expand that power grant by slick arguments and by slithering through perceived loopholes, and you become a lawbreaker instead of a law maker.

We no longer tolerate this. If you do this, we withdraw our consent to be governed by you - and we will remove you from office at the next election.

If you do this, we will not care who succeeds you, for you will have proven that your oath of office cannot be trusted. Your successor will not have proven that, yet - so you can no longer claim to be the "lesser evil".

Be forewarned.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Rise of the Independent

Just take a look at this chart from above. Click on it if you can't read it.

That is the vote that can gain control of Congress and put it firmly into the hands of the people - for the first time in US history!

This rise started on November last year when it began to dawn on people that their representatives in Congress will ignore them, no matter what they say or do. This is America's chance at freedom from left or right wing ueber-control.

Lou Dobbs is "Mr. Independents' Day". He wrote the book. Email him here to suggest that he throw his weight behind efforts to launch nationwide counter-"Dependents' Day" celebrations.

Yes, I know. Rallies and marches don't do the job - but they do get people involved. There's nothing wrong with marches and rallies as long as they also include the solution - and that is to keep firing your Congressman, Senator, state legislators, state senators, and all other politician creatures who fail to live up to their oath of office.

As long as rallies include that message, they are okay.

The 'Piper' Will Always Get Paid .. One Way or the Other

Seems like Mr. Piper just arrived in Washington DC on his bill collection tour. Our congressional incumbents now owe him trillions, and he kicked them in the shin today for the first time in a long while.

The US Treasury tried to auction off its IOU's to Americans and the world, as usual. Problem is, nobody is buying anymore, at least not at the usual prices. The auction was so poorly bid that the ten year note's yield shot up from 3.16 to 3.23 in one day. On government bond land, that's a huge jump!

Interestingly, the normally built-in see-saw effect between stocks and bonds wasn't working today. Stock reportedly took a hit because the bonds were so poorly bid. Here is what the AP had to say:

Weak Treasury auction sends stocks lower


NEW YORK (AP) — Stocks are finishing lower after weak demand at a Treasury bond auction touched off worries about the government's ability to raise funds to fight the recession.

The government had to pay greater interest than expected in an auction of 30-year Treasuries. That is worrisome to traders because it could signal that it will become harder for Washington to finance its ambitious economic recovery plans.

The Dow Jones industrial average is down 102 at 8,410, the same amount it rose Wednesday. The S&P 500 index is down 12 at 907. The Nasdaq composite index is down 43 at 1,716.

About two stocks fell for every one that rose on New York Stock Exchange, where volume came to a heavy 2 billion shares.

Even more interesting is the fact that gold and silver closed virtually flat today, and even PM stocks sagged - so where did the money go? Institutional investors must be hogging their cash - but that won't last long. Jumping long term rates like that presage out-of control inflation - and that presages a rush into on gold and silver because cash loses value in such scenarios.

Who pays the Piper, then? At first Congress, because borrowing is now going to get way more expensive than it has been. The added interest expense will then have to be either borrowed, taxed, extorted (via taxes) or 'printed' electronically (meaning the Congress will have to authorize the treasury to borrow from the Fed and the Fed simply "credits" the amount supposedly loaned to the Treasurys' bank accounts at the Fed. In other words - 'magic' money!

But that only means more loans from the Piper, so who on earth will pay him? Here's a hint: He will extract his due through an economic crash of as yet unseen proportions. It is unavoidable - and we told our Congressmen and women so before the first Bush-generated bailout. They stopped, thought for a moment- and then passed an even fatter bailout package against our will.

Yes, your Congressman probably voted for it. Find out here if he did.

So, what will you do? Will you reelect him? Will you refuse to vote and thereby guarantee his reelection? Or are you going to do the right thing and double your vote's effect by voting for his strongest opponent, no matter who that is and what party he is from?

If you fail to use the last option you are perpetuating your Congressman's ineptitude, arrogance, and profligacy. You have the absolute right and unquestioned ability to get politically active to vote him out. Issues and parties no longer count. Only whether or not he complied with the Constitution counts - and he obviously didn't. If you enable him to violate it further by allowing him to continue in office, you are responsible. No one else.

Think about it.

"It's the Constitution, stupid!"

Monday, May 4, 2009


Here is What Happens Wen You FAIL to Fire Congress

Did Obama give back the power Bush arrogated to the government through the Patriot Act? No. He allowed a sixteen year old boy to be arrested and imprisoned without evidence of a crime, without a warrant, without judicial review, and without the right to habeas corpus. HE HAS NOW BEEN IMPRISONED FOR TWO MONTHS! Watch this video:

The Patriot Act was passed by Congress. Bush drafted the version that was passed and substituted it for the House version in the dead of night, and Congress (Dems and Repubs) voted on it without even having read any part of it.

The Dems then proceeded to"bitch" about the "civil liberties" the Act threatens - but apparently only for as long as Bush was president. Now, you don;t hear a whisper from them, and the Republicans still defend it just because it was their big "achievement" back then.

Still, a full 96 percent of US Reps and Senators were re-elected, both in 2006 and 2008 - the same ones that passed this atrocious law.

So, in the end, who was responsible for the Patriot Act? All of us - because we didn't fire the perpetrators. We do not force these people to account to us. Instead, we agree to account to them for everything we do with our money when we file our income tax returns - those of us who do, anyway.

If you think you can change this without mercilessly firing all in Congress who voted for this Act, you are deceiving yourself.

Listen to the only man in media-land who actually talks about firing non-compliant politicians.

Then join "We Surround Them" - because we do. We just have to fully realize that fact.

Dem. Congressman "Mean Gene Greene" (D, TX-29) Shows his Spineless Nature

Democratic U.S. Rep. Eugene (Gene) Green of the 29th District in Texas (my district) shows his true colors - or lack thereof - in this revealing quote from the Wall Street Journal:

"There are a lot of things in the bill I need to have changed," said Rep. Gene Green (D., Texas). Mr. Green, whose district is home to the largest petrochemical complex in the world, wants Mr. Waxman to give some pollution permits to oil refiners for free. "If that's not in the bill, I can't vote for it."

He is talking about Waxman's "cap and trade" bill that is intended to bring the US into compliance with the Kyoto protocol by mid-century, basically a bill by which Congress attempts to dictate to private industrial companies how much they are allowed to produce.

Apparently, he has no problem with the oppressive essential nature of the bill and wants to vote for it. It's just that he thinks he will lose the support of the big oil companies in his district when he does.

Nice going, Mr. Green.

It is precisely politicians like that who need to be fired. They can never be trusted to vote within the limits of the Constitution. They vote with their own wallets - and they pay for the expensive laws they pass with yours.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

'Thomas Paine' Makes Good Points - But Misses the Big One

He makes perfect sense when he says that we are responsible for what happens in Congress, but stops short of suggesting the only thing that can actually succeed in accomplishing what he suggests. "Marching" and showing Congress we are "mad as hell" just doesn't cut it unless we give them a reason to listen to us.

Only firing representatives who vote for unconstitutional laws does - and don't rely on the Supreme Court when deciding what is constitutional and what is not. Get a copy of the Constitution and read it for yourself. It was written so you can understand it and apply it - at the voting booth.

"Bring back universal service"?? I don't think so. Not under this administration's leadership of and control over the military and all federal departments.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu Far Worse than Officials Let On

By now, everybody who reads this blog has probably heard of or read this story from Alex Jones' site. All I can add to that is that two people I personally know have received the following information:

One is a Ron Pauler who listens to Alex Jones fairly regularly. He says his mother has always called him "crazy" for the information he has tried to pass on to her. She works with a branch of the US Armed Forces in her capacity as a top-level health coordinator. She just called him today and told him she and others in her field received a military briefing that confirms this outbreak is far worse than anything the media let on. She no longer calls him crazy. She now knows that everything he used to try to warn her of is true.

The other case in point is someone I work with. Her sister's co-worker fell ill and went to the hospital. They forced her into quarantine, forbade her to pick up her two young children from school (she is a single mother) and she was informed they would ship her to Utah without notifying her relatives - against her will!

Why Utah? Don't ask me. It sounds very much like the health emergency powers bills Congress and so many state legislatures have been busy passing are coming into force now. Why the so-called "authorities" would want to separate families in situations like this is beyond me, at least as far as legitimate reasons are concerned. Bottom line is that they wanted these powers, now they have them, and they are going to use them, no matter what!

Other than that, I know that local Houston area school officials are refusing to talk to the media, especially talk radio hosts and their teams. This has never happened before. Michael Berry talked about this today. They simply refuse to communicate. Normally, they are very forthcoming with health related information.

Do you really believe that flu viruses from three different species from three different continents have just accidentally combined in Mexico? This stinks to high heaven, and the odor is that of conscious human design. By whom? I have some theories but they sound too, well ... crazy. So I'll just leave you guessing.

It is time to pay the piper, folks. Maybe you who read this have done what they could to keep these bastard in elective offices in line, but we as a nation surely haven't done enough - or they wouldn't be there, passing laws left and right to reduce us who elected them to common serfs of the medieval kind. Pray to God Almighty that whoever of us emerge from this ordeal on the other side still have enough freedom left to vote these crooks out peacefully. The alternatives are just too horrifying.

The world you and I have taken for granted for so long has just ended. Something new has come into view, and although it surely is "change", it most certainly is not for the better. 'Changemaker' in Chief Obama says closing the border makes no sense because it's like slamming the barn door shut after the horse has run off.

Well, Mr. Oby, we're not dealing with horses here, and they aren't running away. We are dealing with armies of sick and desperate people, and they are coming to us. It is your duty to protect the citizens of this country from this epidemic, and failing that, to minimize the chances of the infection spreading. Mexico's health care system is completely overwhelmed. It is shattered. People don't even have food down there. They are coming here, and they are coming in droves. You will not minimize the risk to the people who (by ad large) voted for you by shipping a single mother to Utah and leaving her minor children here, defenseless, to fend for themselves.

Maybe the barn door that should be slammed shut is your mouth - so no more horseshit will be forthcoming. God only knows that more than enough of it has 'escaped' already.