Saturday, November 7, 2009


The following email was sent by the organizer of the local Houston 9-12er Meetup. My response is reprinted below:

On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 3:38 PM, Thelma wrote:
I would like to solicit your thoughts regarding what we should do if the House Passes this Health Care Reform Bill. I deeply feel that even though we know it has to go to the Senate and the bills would still need to be combined and approved, we must act if they pass this bill now! I do not know what we should do, and that is why I am hoping everyone will send me ideas of how we can let them know our anger.

If you all would think about it and send me suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

I know many will say head to Washington. My question is how would we get those who cannot afford to go get there? If you have ideas of how we could get as many people as possible to Washington, I would gladly listen.

I think if they pass this today, we must find a way to alert these IDIOTS that the American People DO NOT approve.

Any ideas are welcome. The answer may not be heading to Washington......the answer may lay in finding ways to withhold our monies from them. The answer may be in refusing to show up for work for a week.....whatever the answer is, it MUST be a full consensus and a pledge that we all will do it together less we fail. We must include as many Americans as possible in whatever we choose to do. Please remember that our Founders Pledged ALL when they took a stand against the British in fighting for their freedom. They risked their wealth, they risked their lives and their families for freedom, what are we willing to do? It is time to either stand with the Founders or stand with the RADICAL Traitors who run our Country! We can no longer try to walk the fine line. We must make our stand now. If they prove to us in passing this bill, that they refuse to listen to us, then NOW is the time we MUST make our stand. As I said, I do not have the answer, but we must find one NOW!

Please aid me with your ideas and advice. I do not think we can wait for this to head to the Senate!

Thank you,
Dear Thelma:

I suggest spreading the word of individual responsibility. It's the individual aspect of the state's rights principles of interposition and nullification. (How can we expect our state governors to use these if we ourselves are unwilling to use them?)

Every Patriot is individually responsible, i.e., has a civic duty, to disregard any law that is patently unconstitutional - regardless of the consequences. It's called "civil disobedience" and was made most famous by people like Mahatma Ghandi.

Anyone who complies with an unconstitutional law just because it has been "passed" by a runaway Congress cannot really call him or herself a "Patriot". Their actions undermine their own professed beliefs.

Just like the Oath Keepers are taking it upon themselves to refuse to follow unconstitutional orders from their superiors, regardless of the consequences to them, so must the rest of us.

I, for one, have no intention of getting federally "mandated" health insurance, regardless of whatever "tax penalties" especially if Congress claims to impose criminal penalties!!).

When Obama's "communications czar" comes up with unconstitutional restrictions on free speech, whether on the Internet or elsewhere, I'll be damned if I stop saying and writing what I think. If they want to arrest me as a result, so what? I am in the right, they are in the wrong. They may have the "power" to haul my rear end into jail, but they never have the right.

If I comply for fear of consequences, I have given up voluntarily what they can never take away from me, whether by legislation or otherwise: my inborn freedom, right, and power to think and speak and act they way I see fit, as long as I am not infringing on others' constitutionally guaranteed rights. That is the source of all real power. Everything else is illusion based on fear, and giving in to fear is a sin.

What are constitutionally guaranteed rights? The right to Life, Liberty, Property, and the Pursuit of happiness and all the host of ancillary rights that go along with these.

By the way, here is in interesting little tidbit of information. It may not get you anywhere in court if accused of "disobeying" a federal mandate, but it is interesting to know, nonetheless:

The linguistic root (etymology) of the word "obey" proves that all it means is to "give a hearing, a listening to". It does not mean to actually "follow" an illegal mandate. So, technically, all you have a duty to do in order to "obey" a so-called law is to give those who pass it and try to enforce it on you a listening. If you then decide not to follow it, that is your business - and your absolute right, even your duty as a patriot. If you have to bear the inevitable consequences, so be it. Who said freedom was free?

If enough of us do this and inspire others to do the same, what can Congress really do? What can the federal government really do? They can take away or restrict my ability to move about physically. That's all. They can NEVER take my ability to make my own decisions away from me. As American POWs who were tortured by the North Vietnamese communists have proven, you always retain that right and that power, even under the most dire of circumstances.

When we do this, we may also be forced to come face to face with the simple fact that we can't do this very well without help from God. That's another thing "they" can never take from us: our faith in God (or our decision not to believe in him, if we so decide). For, even the power to decide that comes from that same higher power from where our rights and Freedom come.

Just my personal two cents worth.

Alex Wallenwein

PS: Naturally, we must also do everything in our power to get Congress replaced at every election, but this goes deeper than just voting one way or another.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Unconstitutional Laws Are Void - and MUST NOT Be Obeyed!

Do you complain of many of the unconstitutional acts of Congress - or of any President via executive orders - and then obey them, anyway?

If you do, you are as guilty for the loss of your freedom as those who have pretended to take it from you.

Those who take your Freedom away do not have the law on their side. They only pretend to do so. Your rights do not come from your government. They come from God or from any other source higher than your government that you may believe in. Call it your human nature, call it what you will, but neither this nor any other government existed when humanity was created.

If you are religious or quasi-religious and believe that governments are ordained by God, then know this: God does not ordain governments to take away from you what he gave you freely at your birth. The US government does "God's work" only if it stays within the boundaries the Constitution has laid down for it. If it strays outside of these boundaries, it has no right to existence - beyond that which you give it by your passive acquiescence.

Throughout human existence, tyrants have ruled only so long as people have tolerated their rule. If you tolerate tyrants, you are a tyrant - and a coward, to boot. If you value your life and your convenience and temporary comfort higher than your freedom, you gamble away not only your freedom, but that of every other man, woman, and child in your country - and the casino where you gambled it away has been rigged from time immemorial. You don't even have a chance, an illusion, of "winning".

Ask yourself if it's worth it.

Obey natural law. Make your officials obey natural law - and defy unnatural law. It's your only ticket to Freedom.

Now listen to how Judge Napolitano puts it:


Interestingly, it doesn't mean what we have come to think of the word. Here is what the Online Etymology Dictionary has to say about it:

Obey. c.1290, from O.Fr. obeir, from L. oboedire "obey, pay attention to, give ear," lit. "listen to," from ob "to" + audire "listen, hear" (see audience). Same sense development is in cognate O.E. hiersumnian.

Ha! Who would have thought? All that is required of you in order to literally "obey" a bad law is to give it a listening. Once you have listened, and find it to be wrongheaded, you are literally free to disregard it!

Naturally, your disregard will then seriously tick off whoever is asking you to comply, and you will have to suffer the consequences of your and your neighbors' past neglect in supervising your government. As a result, your officials have the power to take your stuff away from you, and to take you away and to lock you up if it pleases them. They have the power - but they do not have the right!

Remember that. EVERYTHING is up to you, my friend. Do not believe for a moment that you are "powerless"! That is what "they" want you to believe.