Thursday, July 2, 2009

Does NumbersUSA really want to hold Congress Accountable?

I wrote this to NumbersUSA regarding Roy Beck's statement "Most importantly, my letter puts each Member of Congress on notice that 900,000 members of NumbersUSA will make sure that all supporters of amnesty answer for their actions during next year's elections."

There is an organization named that will partner with NumbersUSA to help remove those members of Congress ignoring the faxes, letters, phone calls, etc. REALLY holds Congress accountable, the ONLY organization in the country to do so. Please join as a coalition to remove traitor congressman! Write to for more info.

They repied with "Thanks for the information. Our mission is not to kick out congress (though we wish many of them would leave). "

Is this really how NumbersUSA will make sure they answer to their WISHING many of them would leave?  At we do not WISH, we mercilessly FIRE THEM for their actions! 

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