Monday, December 14, 2009

Inciting Lawfulness

Lawfulness has become a subversive topic. It is almost illegal, now.

Many state laws and some federal laws make incting lawlessness illegal. Inciting lawlessness is usually defined in terms of brawling, disrupting orderly meetings, and shouting "fighting words". We are all more or less familiar with that concept.

But, what do you do when elected leaders engage in lawlessness by stepping completely outside their permissible bounds of conduct (i.e., passing legislation)? What do you do when their lawlessness (in passing legislation the Constitution forbids) severely threatens the very fabric of American society, the legal fabric it is founded on - and your individual Liberty, to boot?

You hold them to account - and you nullify their illegal actions by the power of your own personal convictions and following through on your "threat".

Are you worried about "Cap and Trade" leading to mileage restrictions on the use of your car?

Drive your car, wherever and whenever you like - anyway.

Worried about the "Copenhagen Accord" leading to a global one-child policy?

Make children, anyway.

Worried about the tax penalty to be imposed by Obama's and the Dem's health care bill if you refuse to join their nefarious plan?

Refuse, anyway.

Speaking of which: are you really willing to fund this governmental insanity? Are you willing to donate your own, heard-earned money to this government, just so it can use its presumed power power to clip your paycheck at will toexpand its anti-Freedom policies?

Might wanna rethink that point. if you are.

The power to stop this insanity has always been- and always will be - yours. "They" can never change that. At best, they may try to increase the inconvenience factor and tighten the thumb screws on you if you refuse - but so what?

Our kids willingly give their lives for this country and the freedom it represents (represented?) when they join the military. Shouldn't you be willing to give up some of your convenience for that Freedom's sake? Shouldn't you be willing to sacrifice your physical liberty, if it comes down to it, just so you can preserve the Freedom of your mind?

Am I inciting 'lawlessness' by making these suggestions?

Not by far. I am doing the opposite. I am inciting you to force your elected representatives to start acting within the sphere of their lawful power again, and stop running off the plantation all the time.

When lawmakers become lawbreakers, those who refuse to follow their unlawful commandments are the truly law abiding citizens - the real patriots.

If you don't claim your freedom - who will? "They" make claiming your freedom more and more expensive all the time. So what?

Claim it - anyway.

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