Sunday, June 7, 2009

"Green" Politics?

And here is something from Gene Green, the Texas Democrat Congressman from District 29, (my district) that is sure to piss our environmentally conscious voters off.

Gene Green apparently doesn't live up to his name very well. According to this piece in the Washington Post, he won support in the final days of the 900-plus page "cap and trade" climate change bill to delete one word from the final version of the bill and insert two others in its place.

He took out "source" and inserted "emission points". What does it mean? Many speculate that this could help the biggest polluters in his district that includes many of Texas' largest oil refineries - who also happen to be his biggest donors - satisfy the law by cutting emissions by 50 percent from only one smoke stack in a multi-stack refinery, instead of from the whole refinery. In doing so he has reveled himself as exactly the type of spineless politician that we can so little afford to leave in office and that has been polluting Congress for decades now.

Maybe that will help his usually liberal-leaning supporters garner the votes to first pink-slip him in November of 2009, and then finally kick him out in the 2010 election.

Oh, by the way, he also voted for the Patriot Act ...

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