Wednesday, June 24, 2009

US Senator John Cornyn (TX) - Another Slimebag Politician that Needs Firing:

Here is another reason why all of these slimebags need a good shaking up. The perfect example of the invertebrate politician is probably Texas US Senator John Cornyn, a Republican.

At home in Texas, he talks big about "vowing" to never agree to a surrender of US and Texas sovreignty, that he wants illegal immigration to stop, and that he is "against amnesty". I heard him say so myself at a speech he gave at Grace Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, Texas in June of 2007. Now, I have to read this (at

"But especially disheartening was the mostly agreement from the ranking Republican on the immigration panel, Sen. Cornyn of Texas. He and Schumer said they are agreed on most aspects of what needs to be done. "

Schumer wants amnesty, period. Cornyn is the prime example for what the "word" of a politician means.


- and that why he, like so many others, needs a merciless firing when he comes up for reelection!

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