Friday, September 25, 2009

Texas Insider: Gene Green (and Others) Have A Golden Opportunity to Put Voters at Ease ...

Texas has a great piece out asking whether Gene Green will step up to the plate and do what's right, or "cower to his party bosses" in voting to get a piece of legislation to the floor that, if approved, would give Congressmen and their voters 72 hours to review a bill's final version online before it is allowed to come up for a vote.

The same thing, of course, goes for all the other 435Congressmen and 100 Senators out there in DC Land - and for all voters who care not to live in a virtual dictatorship where far-reaching but unconstitutional legislation is routinely rammed through under arcane rules by a dictator-ish Speaker of the House in the dead of night.

In the end, WE are responsible - and we can only carry that responsibility out responsibly by throwing the bums out on their heads as routinely as they try to bury us in an avalanche of neo-Marxist or neo-Fascist legislation without even giving us a chance to read and respond to their proposals.

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