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The Hardin, MT Debacle: A Clearer Picture Emerges

A huge buzz is racing across the Internet regarding an outfit called "American Police Force" and its apparent attempts to control a two-year old, $27 million, still-empty jail facility of a small rural Montana town, Hardin,after the state itself refused to send inmates its way (as the city's development corporation apparently expected).

Alex Jones has documented that APF is connected with Blackwater (now mysteriously called "Xe" after its 2007 massacre of innocent civilians in Iraq), but somehow the history of APF and its "CEO" Michael Hilton sounds more like one of the three stooges trying to act like a big shot - and blundering and fumbling all the way. You can read all the latest facts here.

Yet, the Blackwater connection is there, and there is a movement afoot among federal government psychopaths to create a private civilian police force to carry on what are euphemistically called "stability operations" in foreign countries after the US military goes in and destroys their military, civilian authorities and infrastructure. The website that documents this, out in the open and for all the public to see, is called the "United States Institute of Peace and Oppression". Okay, so I'm kidding about the "oppression" part, at least as far as their name goes - but just go judge for yourself.

The whole thing is apparently a new "public private partnership" - like the one that brought Blackwater into the Iraq war. Nothing better than some government contacts for connected private individuals - like Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater who apparently landed the Iraq job by hub-nubbing with fellow fascist luminaries GBW and Dick Cheney.

"Stability Operations" are big business now. On this page of the "US Institute for Peace" you can see its founder, a man named J. Robinson West, Chairman and Founder of "PFC Energy" and the "Chairman of the Board, USIP". Hmm.

Energy(oil) and international "peacekeeping"? Nooo! Those aren't related at all. It's just coincidence that US companies who get their own government to attack strategically placed oil rich countries (and those through which the laying of a pipelines is deemed feasible, like Afghanistan) so they can get their fingers dirty in the oil-rich sands so obviously benefit from "peacekeeping" in this countries, once the local police and military and infrastructure were obliterated.

This USIP outfit is actually funded by the US Congress. Who would have thought? Quote:

The United States Institute of Peace is an independent, nonpartisan, national institution established and funded by Congress. Its goals are to help:
  • Prevent and resolve violent international conflicts
  • Promote post-conflict stability and development
  • Increase conflict management capacity, tools, and intellectual capital worldwide

The Institute does this by empowering others with knowledge, skills, and resources, as well as by directly engaging in peacebuilding efforts around the globe.

Hmm. First war, then enforced peace. What a glorious concept - and all funded, courtesy of the US taxpayer who doesn't have a say in how much debt he will be saddled with anymore. My, what a free country we live in.

So, Congress funds USIP, which calls for training of US Police in Peace and Stability Operations. Here is another quote from the USIP website:


  • The first obligation of an international intervention force in a peace or stability operation is to provide security for the civilian population. Inevitably the arrival of foreign military forces is followed by a breakdown of public order.
  • Historically U.S. military forces have been unable or unwilling to perform police functions to control large-scale civil unrest. This was true in Iraq, where looters destroyed government buildings, cultural centers, and commercial areas.
  • The United States lacks civilian constabulary (gendarmes) or other national police forces specially trained for crowd and riot control. Instead the U.S. relies on civil police provided by commercial contractors that do not perform this function.
  • Fortunately the U.S. government is taking steps to address this deficiency. Current State Department plans call for creation of a Civilian Reserve Corps that would have a police component.

Oh, so that "civilian reserve corps" idea wasn't Obama's after all? Doesn't look that way. Take a look at the date of the page: 2007. The Bush years, my friend. It's just that your owners now deem it safe for a president to openly talk about it for the first time. After all, a man with friends who openly admit they are communists (or were, at least, not so long ago) and who hub-nubbed with terrorists from the Weather Underground got (most of) you to vote for him even though he is not eligible to hold the office of the president - and (most of) you don't care. That's what you get.

Here is Obama himself on the topic:

Allright. Backing up. Blackwater gets a huge contract and now reportedly has in excess of 200,000 mercenaries on its payroll. Tthe US has a total of 750,000 active military personnel, so Prince commands the equivalent of about a quarter of the US military(!) It commits massacres and other faux-pas like illegal weapons smuggling, etc., gets a bad name, and so changes its name to something that supposedly means "nothing" ut strangely resembles the chemical periodic table element of Xenon - which means "strange" or "alien".

Blackwater then finances a small-time crook (Michael Hilton) to set up a website called "American Police Force" and hooks him up with a small town in Montana that happens to be in dire straits after someone talked it into borrowing $27 million to build a prison facility that remains empty and is driving the town into bankruptcy if something isn't done fast. Hilton shows up "just in time", the city elders go along and have their development corporation sign a ten-year contract with his mysterious "APF" outfit, and then the APF guys they bungle around in black Mercedes SUVs and scare the crap out of the town's population by parading "Hardin Police Force" stickers on their vehicles, ominously bearing logos that superimpose APF's Serbian-derived coat of arms (Hilton hales from Serbia) on Hardin's quaint city logo, which looks like this:

to make it look like this:

Sorry, Hardinians. No more quaint lone rider in the sunset. He's blotted out by a symbol of a foreign aristocracy and surrounded by the words "City of Hardin Police Department". Wow! How stupid is this guy? He thought Americans would just take this lying down? Better watch out, Blackwater a/k/a "Xenon". Better watch out, United States "Institute of Peace" -and better watch out, U.S. Congress! The Internet has changed the equation of power.

Anyway, so that was a trial balloon. Too bad it popped - but don't expect these guys to go away. The oil companies need their oil sources protected abroad, and they need their homeys in Congress free from any threats of firing them, so their "Stability Operations" are coming home to the US. Americans need to be policed, one way or the other, and that can't be done by the regular police. Too many of them actually remember their oath of office, and they remember their allegiance is not to the government of the United States but to the Constitution for the United States government. We now need a civilian security force that is "just as strong, just as well So, wquipped as our military."

Really, Mr. O? Who is this mysterious "we" you are speaking of? It sure isn't us, the actual Americans in this country. I can tell you that much.

If another civil war is in America's future, it will apparently be fought by US civilians and traditional law enforcement and military on one side - and the "Backwaters", "Xenons" and "APFs" of the world on the other. What is "Xe" now shifting its focus to according tho this article?

Training facilities, my dear. Darth Vader wants to spawn more underlings. He wants one of these facilities in or near every town and city in the US.

Here you can hear "Captain Michael" a/k/a Michael Hardin say it flat out (near the end of the two minute video) that he was primarily interested in building a training facility.

If you don't want that in your life, get Congress to de-fund the US Institute for Peace and the private mercenary armies it spawns.

And, how do you do that?


You can also elect a governor like the (future) one in Texas, Debra Medina, in your state.

Thank you for listening.

Alex Wallenwein

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