Friday, May 15, 2009

When Issues Kill ...

Ordinarily, political issues don't kill people (although they can). They kill freedom, instead.

How so?

When people vote along issue-lines, politicians stay in power by pandering to both sides, causing artificial and essentially meaningless (to freedom at least) disagreements, that way dividing our voting strength. This technique is especially effective in a two-party system like ours.

Issues are not for voting. They are for beating your representatives over the head with while in office, but not at election time.

At election time, the only thing that should influence anyone's vote is whether your Congressman/Senator or whatever has voted for laws that violate the Constitution. If he did, kick him out. Forget about issues. He only gets to stay if he obeyed the law of the land and lived up to his oath of office. (If you can't trust his oath, how can you trust anything he ever says or does?)

For purposes of your vote, who is the judge as to whether he did or didn't violate his oath of office?

YOU are.

Not him. Not the media, not party leaders, and certainly not the US Supreme Court. You are the supreme judge when it comes to deciding whom to vote for and whom to kick out. Nobody can tell you whom to vote for or against.

Isn't that an awesome power?

Use it - or lose it!

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