Thursday, May 21, 2009


... but he isn't selfish about it at all. He wants all future presidents to have that power, too!

This was reported in the New York Times today, a leftist, generally pro-Obama newspaper. It was also discussed on NPR. At, it got all of 51 diggs by now - a dismal whimper!

America, where are you? Are you dead already?? I sure hope not.

I see a lot of complaining in these comments, but not even the suggestion of a solution other than "I gotta buy more guns!" Guns won't help you. Obama's boys got bigger ones, and your friends won't help you, either.


Go to your Congressman and Senator's office (the election won't come until 11/2010 so it;s too early to kick them out). Talk to whoever is there. Ask for an appointment and tell them you want to talk to him/her about how he intends to vote on this. Come back until you actually get to speak to him or until he calls you on the phone. Don't take a mere promise not to vote for this proposed law at face value. Tell him you will be back with some friends - and then keep your word!. Be polite, not abusive, but absolutely and unflinchingly firm. Inform him that if he ever allows his arm to be twisted enough making him vote for this bill, you will do everything in your power to vote him out of office in 2010, including campaigning for his strongest opponent, regardless of how much you dislike his opponent (if you do). It will be the only thing that will make him pay attention.


If you let this pass and only complain without swinging into full throttle action now, you are as much to blame as Obama and the congressional swine who will vote for this law. I will call my Congressman, Gene Green, (D-TX 29) and my two Senators (Cornyn and Hutchinson) tomorrow morning. I will not let go until I get a personal response from each of them, not a "form letter." I will be addressing 3000-4000 people speaking at a local July 4th Tea Party Rally. I will blog, I will talk to everyone I know. I will write articles, and I will build a lunch group of people who want to be free of "preemptive" arrests at the mere whim of some screwball public official.

What will you do? Relying on to your guns is useless. If you are ever forced to use them, it will already be too late. This proposed law must NEVER pass! Get used to spending the rest of your life enforcing the Constitution on your elected servants - or become their serf yourself.

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