Tuesday, May 19, 2009

How to Keep the Fear of Tyranny from Ruling Your Life

So much of what Liberty Activists are reading, doing, and promoting is fear based.

"OMG, the government wants to take my right of free speech away by passing the 'Fairness Doctrine'."

"OMG, they stormed a private home and arrested that poor 16 year old kid under the Patriot Act. When are they coming after me?"

"OMG, now Obama is telling executives of private companies how to run their business. It's socialism!"

This mind set can take a hold on your psyche, on your very soul, and it can lay you to waste and make you ineffective- and that's exactly what the enemies of freedom want.

How do you protect yourself from that mental/emotional rut and ultimate trap?

Forget about trying to "defend" freedom. Freedom is never successfully "defended". It can only be successfully gained.

There is something in the nature of man that makes him want to acquire power over others. The secret is that this psychology in itself, more than anything else, is fear based.People who seek power over others (rather than to increase their power over their own lives) are scared to death.

They have no faith. They believe that the only way they can be secure is by taking security away from others. They believe that the only way to be free is to take freedom away from others. They believe that the only way to gain control over their own lives is by taking that control away from others, so they won;t have any competition.

There is a saying in the Bible that goes: "You shall know them by their fruits."

What these people sow is fear, fear in their perceived "adversaries" - you and me - with whom they falsely believe to be in competition for the luxuries and all the "good things" in life.

My point: Don't take their bait.

They sow fear, they try to rule by fear - so don't take their fruit and eat it. Don't fall into their fear trap. You will drive yourself crazy whenever you do, and you accomplish nothing.

Some of us "Patriots" are very good at selling this fear to others of us. Entire information web sites on the NWO operate on our fascination with the next fearful thing that is about to befall us all. They often present good information - but they also sow fear.

Fighters, warriors, know that the best way to fight is to fight as if you have already lost everything, even your life. This is the warrior spirit of old. You can read about it in any ancient martial arts classic. When you have nothing to lose, you focus only on what you intend to gain.

That's the origin of the old adage that "Attack is the best defense."

What type of "attack" are we talking about here, though? Get our guns out and start shooting? Hell no. Whom do you want to shoot at? What do you think you can accomplish that way? Nothing. You'll only kill some (mostly innocent) people and land yourself in prison and on a lethal injection gurney.

"Attack"means fighting for your and others' freedom as if you never had any, as if you have never tasted true freedom.

In "battle, the aim is to destroy the enemy. That means you first have to find the enemy. Fight the wrong enemy or focus on an enemy contingent he has set up for you as a ruse, as a diversion, as a trap, and you lose.

So, who or what is our real enemy?

Those who are currently in (too much) power want you to believe that your enemies are people - individuals who can be blamed for this or that, individuals you can then attack and engage in battle. That is a huge trap in and of itself.

Our "enemies" are not people. Most of those who support the tyrannical state do so because they are clueless of the effects of what they are doing. They can some benefit, develop a nice little niche, and then become fearful they might lose what they have accomplished, so the Leviathan only needs to tell them their little kingdom is in danger and they do what they are told.

No. Our "enemies" are the freedom-destroying laws that are passed in Congress and in state legislatures, and the misguided court rulings that uphold these laws as "constitutional."

How do we attack these laws? We need to gain control of the lawmaking bodies that pass them and that refuse to abolish them.

How do we do that? By using the first two our three Boxes of Liberty: We get on our soap box so we have more effect at the ballot box. If we ever have to actually use our ammo box, it will mean that we were abject failures in using the first two boxes. Don't put the cart before the horse!

Action cures fear.

Get out in front of people. Talk to them. Explain to them how the current economic crisis is the result of too many bad laws passed by too many bad, entrenched lawmakers. (The Fed keeps interest rates too low which causes a hunger for yield and raises risk appetite, and that allows bad financiers to devise and sell too any risky financial instruments (CDO's, etc.) that later collapse, causing economic mayhem).

Bad laws are passed by bad lawmakers. Learn to vote the lawmakers out to discipline them for their wrongdoing. You are a law enforcer. The law you enforce is the law of the land, the Constitution for the United States and your state's Constitution.

Bad lawmakers are many. Good lawmakers are few. It's much easier to fire a bad one than to find and elect a good one - so have at it. Fire the lawbreakers. It weakens the enemy. If you force the enemy to constantly replace and re-train his soldiers, his army will be weak. That's how you fight. That's how you win: with the goal in mind, with absolute determination - and without any fear of losing.

Trust me, you have nothing to lose. You only have Freedom to gain. Get active!

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