Friday, May 1, 2009

Swine Flu Far Worse than Officials Let On

By now, everybody who reads this blog has probably heard of or read this story from Alex Jones' site. All I can add to that is that two people I personally know have received the following information:

One is a Ron Pauler who listens to Alex Jones fairly regularly. He says his mother has always called him "crazy" for the information he has tried to pass on to her. She works with a branch of the US Armed Forces in her capacity as a top-level health coordinator. She just called him today and told him she and others in her field received a military briefing that confirms this outbreak is far worse than anything the media let on. She no longer calls him crazy. She now knows that everything he used to try to warn her of is true.

The other case in point is someone I work with. Her sister's co-worker fell ill and went to the hospital. They forced her into quarantine, forbade her to pick up her two young children from school (she is a single mother) and she was informed they would ship her to Utah without notifying her relatives - against her will!

Why Utah? Don't ask me. It sounds very much like the health emergency powers bills Congress and so many state legislatures have been busy passing are coming into force now. Why the so-called "authorities" would want to separate families in situations like this is beyond me, at least as far as legitimate reasons are concerned. Bottom line is that they wanted these powers, now they have them, and they are going to use them, no matter what!

Other than that, I know that local Houston area school officials are refusing to talk to the media, especially talk radio hosts and their teams. This has never happened before. Michael Berry talked about this today. They simply refuse to communicate. Normally, they are very forthcoming with health related information.

Do you really believe that flu viruses from three different species from three different continents have just accidentally combined in Mexico? This stinks to high heaven, and the odor is that of conscious human design. By whom? I have some theories but they sound too, well ... crazy. So I'll just leave you guessing.

It is time to pay the piper, folks. Maybe you who read this have done what they could to keep these bastard in elective offices in line, but we as a nation surely haven't done enough - or they wouldn't be there, passing laws left and right to reduce us who elected them to common serfs of the medieval kind. Pray to God Almighty that whoever of us emerge from this ordeal on the other side still have enough freedom left to vote these crooks out peacefully. The alternatives are just too horrifying.

The world you and I have taken for granted for so long has just ended. Something new has come into view, and although it surely is "change", it most certainly is not for the better. 'Changemaker' in Chief Obama says closing the border makes no sense because it's like slamming the barn door shut after the horse has run off.

Well, Mr. Oby, we're not dealing with horses here, and they aren't running away. We are dealing with armies of sick and desperate people, and they are coming to us. It is your duty to protect the citizens of this country from this epidemic, and failing that, to minimize the chances of the infection spreading. Mexico's health care system is completely overwhelmed. It is shattered. People don't even have food down there. They are coming here, and they are coming in droves. You will not minimize the risk to the people who (by ad large) voted for you by shipping a single mother to Utah and leaving her minor children here, defenseless, to fend for themselves.

Maybe the barn door that should be slammed shut is your mouth - so no more horseshit will be forthcoming. God only knows that more than enough of it has 'escaped' already.


Anonymous said...

Watch this video: The Future of Food

Individually, all the pieces sound like tin-foil conspiracies but when you start putting them together. . .?

Anonymous said...

Also, this outbreak, released in Mexico, has shut down tourism and virtually all other economic activity and is putting incredible strain on our already precarious economic system. If the Mexican economy collapses, the additional strain on our economy could well bring our system down as well.

Is that the hidden agenda here?