Saturday, May 16, 2009

Toward A Separation of Greed and State

The alleged "separation of church and state" is a ruse. It is nothing but a "liberal" effort of shielding an all-powerful state (in their own liberal image) from the influence of believers in Christ.

Likewise, "conservative" efforts of funding "faith-based initiatives" with public money is nothing but an attempt to gain the electoral upper hand by tapping into the Christian vote - in order to erect their own all-powerful government in their own (conservative) image while influencing religious institutions through infusions of public money.

What is really needed and what the Founders intended is the separation of state and church. (not of "church and state"). Keep the secular state completely out of the business of the church. Stop trying to force churches to incorporate so the IRS can dictate to them what their pastors are allowed or not allowed to say. Churches, like people, must be free - unless criminal laws are broken, of course.

But there is an even more fundamental level of needed separation. It is not the church or religion that threatens to break down the remaining foundations of this country. It is human greed.

Corporate lobbyists go to Washington to feed at the government's trough because that's where the money is. Currently, the government can tax, borrow, and cause the (non-governmental) US FED to print unlimited amounts of money. That's where the problem lies - but it doesn't have to be that way.

Remove the unlimited potential funding, and you remove the influence of unlimited greed.

How do you empty the government's trough? Empty Congress of non-compliant lawmakers - lawmakers who are actually lawbreakers in that they ignore the law that limits their power which is, of course, the Constitution.

The Constitution is short and easy to understand (unless you are a judge or a lawyer). Read it, measure your representatives' legislative actions against it, and then vote according to what you have learned.

Let no one tell you to vote otherwise. No party, no neighbor, no Supreme Court justice. No one.
Teach your neighbors and family members to apply the same standard - and we will all be free.

This is the ultimate form of self-responsibility. It is also the only way out of our current economic mess.

Congress passed the Federal Reserve Act and kept it alive for nine-plus decades. The Fed has goosed the money supply too far for too long, resulting in excessively low interest rates, which caused excessive borrowing (aka the housing crisis) and has choked off saving. Banks are losing their pants because excessive lending (and investing in shaky credit derivatives) has obliterated their balance sheets. Now, they won't even lend with near-zero (and in any case sub-zero) real interest rates. Progressively laid-off consumers are finally saving and thus not spending their money in the economy, so the economy stays in reverse.

Congress' and Obama's attempts to 'gun' the economy by creating even more government-issued credit are not working. They cannot work. You can't dig yourself out of a hole.

Congress has allowed all of this to happen - and you have allowed your Congressman/woman/Senator to go along with it.

The solution is in your hand - and in your hand only.

Get control of Congress and you get control of excessive spending/borrowing. Get control of that and you no longer need a US central bank. Without Congress' need to repay the Fed, there is no need for federal income taxes. Without the debt burden and the tax burden thus created, and with actual money (silver and gold-based, not electronically created "credits" in banks' account ledgers), all of our work will actually be rewarded instead of putting us further into debt. You will once again own your property instead of renting it from the bank or from the State. That's the way out of the economic depression. Nothing else that's currently proposed will do it.

Am I dreaming? Maybe ... but it's a dream worth dreaming.

All others end in nightmares.

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