Sunday, April 12, 2009

"Bailout" - The Misnomer of the Decade!

The so-called "bailout" is a huge misnomer. Ask yourself to what extent the term has misled you.

When you are in a boat that has sprung a leak and is taking on water, "bailing it out" means to take a pail ( i.e., a bucket or similar vessel) and bail (pail) out the water that keeps seeping in through the leak - not to add more water!

The "water" we a re all suffering from is debt. Too much debt is sinking the USS Titanic - and our president(s) and Congress are doing whatever they can to add more debt to sink the already badly listing luxury liner.

How much sense does that make?

Maybe this is another reason to fire your Congressman. Has he voted for this "pail out"? If he(she) did, you'd better let him know by actually voting against him in 2010. If you opt for the "don't vote" cop out, you will really have wasted your vote!

Mid-term elections are more powerful than presidential ones - because they focus your attention on Congress - the actual culprit in America's demise.


Anonymous said...

What you are saying is true. I plan to carry a sign at the tea party that will say, "Voted for the Bailout? Vote them out."

Marsharks said...

It isn't really a misnomer. They did bail out or pail out the water, but added it back into the ocean of debt. The real misnomer is Congress, which is the opposite of Progress, although Congress is trying to be Progressive and progress us toward a communist, fascist state.