Friday, April 24, 2009

The Only Way to 'End the Fed'

There is only one way to effectively end the Fed, and that is by establishing control over Congress. Congress established the Fed, only Congress can end it. Thus far, we agree.

Most people who disagree with the "Fire Congress" campaign or the "Kick Them All Out" project don't really disagree on the need to establish control over Congress. They only disagree with the method for achieving this. They want to be more civil. They think they can still reason with their Congressmen and get them to "do the right thing." They also worry that you lose your clout over your representatives if you just categorically want to un-elect them. "Why would they listen to you if they know you will fire them anyway?" - or so the argument goes.

Let's see if that is a valid argument.

Assume you want to "End the Fed" as so many former RonPaulers want to. Assume you are successful in getting Ron Paul's "Audit the Fed" bill (H.R. 1207) passed by both Houses and signed by the president by the mere power of persuasion and by educating the public to put enough pressure on their representatives.

Assume further that the audit finally reveals what a fraud on the people the Fed really is and that this causes such an unprecedented level of outrage that Congress relents and passes a bill to abolish the Fed - and that the president, whoever he may be, even signs that bill into law as well.

Have you won?

No - because the same corrupt politicians who enabled the Fed's continuing fraud on the people are still in office. The same corporate interests that corrupted them in the first place still have unfettered access to your Congressman and Senators. After a few more years and a few more "national emergencies" have passed, the same corporate interests will persuade the same congressional incumbents to start another central bank to "save us all."

So, have your efforts at public education established control over Congress? No. All you have achieved is to create and ride a wave of public outrage to resolve a single issue- the Fed and its fraud. The same politicians who have allowed the Fed to exist all along are still there-and they know they have a 95% chance to get re-elected. They know that the public attention span is short and that it will be gobbled up in less than a week by another "hot issue."

Compare this with the following scenario:

Assume you are able to use your public education efforts to persuade enough people to engage their neighbors and friends to mount a campaign to fire their current Congressman and Senator for having violated the Constitution by allowing the Fed to exist, by allowing "bills of credit" or fiat money to circulate, by allowing the president to start foreign wars at will, by allowing him to spy on you and by forcing telecom companies to spy on you as well, by passing laws that restrict your freedom of speech, your right to own guns, your freedom from secret searches of your home, etc., etc.

Assume further that this campaign catches on fire and spreads across the country. Come November 6th 2010, at least fifty percent of congressional and senatorial incumbents find themselves out on the street, looking for actual gainful employment, many for the first time in their lives.

Now, picture in your mind the effect this will haven the new crop of office holders. Do you think they will feel quite as free to ignore your will as their predecessors? You know they won't.

If you and all those voters who have just tossed this old crop out on their ears tell the new crop that they must audit and end the Fed - or else, do you think they will be more amenable to listen? They know that they only occupy their new office because you have actually and effectively asserted your will on Congress!

Nothing like this has ever happened in US history. Ever.

If you have the power to spread the FireCongress message around the country, you also have the power to educate voters to end the Fed - but you will have achieved far more. You have destroyed every corrupt congresscritter's reasonable expectation of job security - and their job security is the primary reason why you have none (the bad economy was the Fed's fault and it was established and maintained by Congress, so Congress killed your job security).

So, the remaining fifty percent of corrupt incumbents are still there. Does that mean they will listen to you more or less?

Probably more - if they want to keep their jobs.

The thing is you don't fire politicians willy-nilly. You only fire them when they prove to you that they ignore the Constitution, the rule of law, and your rights. It's just that, currently at least, 99.9 percent of them do - so the slogan "Kick Them All Out" is not an exaggeration.

It's up to you. You can choose to expend whatever time and energy you have on a single issue - or you can fundamentally change the balance of power in America back to the people, the voters of this country, for good. Both endeavors essentially take the same effort.

Which one do you prefer?


McKee Family said...

I think we need to do both. Work on all fronts we can. As we educate folks and as they wake up they will see the need to clean house. Just hitting them over the head with your Congress critter is horrible, replace him! without giving them a lot of background info wouldn't achieve much. Many people think their guy is fine, he kissed my baby, ate BBQ with me at the picnic, etc. They don't realize the extent of the problem.

But as they get more fed up and learn more and more I think they will certainly be ready to clean house next year.

To me the real purpose of all these rallies and events is to reach people with info, connect and work together. Partly by putting pressure on our government, yes, people are starting to pay more attention to how they vote, which is a good thing and will help at house cleaning time. Partly by pointing out that left and right have been lying to them, and the media as well. It will take time and we will work through whatever hot topic will get their attention.
My 2 cents.
Now, back to organizing the Dallas End the Fed rally. :-)

Marsharks said...

I agree, but no one wants to work together, they all have their own agenda. End the Fed, Reinvestigation of 9/11, Petitioning the government for grievances, etc. Only Congress can End the Fed, or it will eventually end us (and itself). Only Congress can open a new investigation into 9/11. The current Congress isn't doing it, so YOU must vote for someone else that will!

McKee Family said...

We must work together, left, right and everything in between. I really tried to emphasize that at my tea party April 15th.

I personally am involved to different extents with all kinds of grassroots efforts and connected with others who are involved in many others.

We must work together to pass legislation, to get the word out, to clean house.

I just saw that Adam Kokesh is running an exploratory campaign for Congress! Yeah!

My husband keeps telling me that I need to run,(our US Rep is VERY old)but I don't think I'm ready for that. He was just re-elected, so he's in for four more years? Maybe I'll be ready in 2012, but only if pushed into it. I'm a reluctant leader.

(I do keep up with the Tenure Corrupts, Fire Congress, Kick Them All Out, GOOH, ideas to some extent.)

Alex said...

Of course we have to do "all of the above". Urge them while they are in office, rally, march, write letters, blogs, editorials, educate voters that the Constitution matters and why - but then purge them at the next election if they vote on bills that are counter to their oath.

If you take out the purging part, all the "urging" in the world is fruitless.