Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The End of Party Politics

Time to Stop Messing Around

The illusory fight between the supposed "Left" and the supposed "Right" keeps us plebs nice and busy fighting each other - so those we elect have time to spare to party with each other and their corporate lobbyists and donors - while passing bills that restrict our freedom.

If you want to hit your target, it's time to stop aiming "left" or "right." It's time to aim for the bull's eye - all of Congress.

Congress is the first and most powerful branch of the US government. It is our representatives in Congress who authorize every single piece of legislation that violates the Constitution and destroys the America we all know and love.

The eternal key to bull's eye politics is accountability, and there is only one way to hold wayward politicians truly accountable.

You fire them.

When you hire a servant and you come home from work and find him reclining on your couch with his feet up on your coffee table, drinking your best Scotch and fondling your wife, you don't plead with him to "see it your way." You fire him.

Historically, however, Americans have not only failed to fire their wayward servants, they gave them the keys to their homes and cars, the password to their bank accounts, and they are about to sign away the deeds to their homes.

You cannot fire all of Congress, of course. It has to start with your very own Congressman or woman, in your voting district, and in your precinct. You have the power to do this. No one can tell you how to vote or who to persuade to vote like you do. There are no barriers or obstacles, and there are only three hurdles to clear:

Hurdle No. 1: Voting Machines

Voting machines give power over our entire elective process to four big corporations with lots of "friends" in Congress and in your state's legislature. That must stop. The way to stop it is to get five or so signatures from your neighbors to get on the ballot as a candidate for Precinct Chairman for the 2010 election. As such, you will be an automatic member of your party's "central committee" (or whatever it is called in your state) for your county

That's where the real power is in America. That's where you have maximum leverage to get rid of your state's voting machines scheme. They say voting machines are efficient and paper ballots are "too expensive." Tell them that giving four corporations control over our vote is far more expensive. It will cost us our country.

Hurdle No. 2: Your Inaction

If you act, nothing can stand in your way for long. You will find your way through, over, under, or around any obstacle as long as you keep moving with the end in mind. It may take time, and it may take effort. It may bring disappointments with it - but consider the alternative!

Hurdle No. 3: Party Politics

Want to know the real definition of party politics? While you are busy taking the bait and fighting the "other side", your representatives in Congress are getting together to party. That's what party politics means to them.

There is an old saying that goes "when the cat is away, the mice are having a party." You are the cat. Your representatives are the mice. Currently, you are AWOL from the real political process, which is bull's eye politics. You are busy believing that it matter which party is in control of Congress. You are missing the point that, as long as ANY political party is in Control of anything at all, you are not.

Bull's Eye Secret No. 1: Do Not Fear the "Other Side"

There is no "other side" of the aisle. There is only us - and them. We are out here, while they who are in Congress populate both sides of the aisle. Do you get it? The left/right division is a fakeout so you will never hit the bullseye.

Fear and loathing of "the other side" is bred into us from birth. We are fed it with our mother's milk, are indoctrinated with it by TV, movies, the press, our schools, our friends and coworkers, etc. etc. throughout our lives. It is a political prison, a form of "hell" - but it is one that is easy to escape once you realize that you are in it.

The big secret is: it has no power over you! Unlike real prison, you can step out at any time. This is the profound secret the political/corporate establishment has kept from you for all of your life: you are really and truly free. You just have to start living, thinking, and acting like it. It's up to you.

Bull's Eye Secret No. 2: To Get there, You Have to Go All the Way!

Imagine you are dying of thirst in the desert, and you come upon an Oasis with plenty of water in a nice deep pool shaded by palm trees - but you stop short. You stop crawling just before you get to the water's edge. Does that make sense? No. Of course not - but that's what 99 percent of Americans do when it comes to politics.

They march, they conduct letter writing and emailing campaigns, they organize rallies, they get on radio talk shows, they jon parties or leave them or try to form new ones. hey want to reinstate the rule of law, abolish the US FED, get rid of the income tax, impose term limits, get us out of Iraq, you name it - but they stop short of the one thing that can actually accomplish what they want, and that one thing is holding Congressmen and Senators accountable for the unconstitutional bills they pass.

Don't stop short of the life-giving pool of freedom. Take that last step, no matter how tired or discouraged you are. Congressmen and Senators and state representatives don't fear rallies and campaigns and all that - but they all do fear a determined bunch of people who are committed to voting them out of office at the next election! There are no exceptions. They all fear that.

When you have politicians who fear you, you have accountability.

Bull's Eye Secret No. 3: You Have to Actually Do It - Not Just Threaten

Especially in close elections, every vote counts. If you withdraw your vote from your incumbent and give it to the challenger, you double the impact of your vote. If you get your frineds to do the same, you magnify it. If you organize effectively, you will blow your federal and state incumbent out of the water, guaranteed.

Then, rinse and repeat.

When they see the results, it will put the fear of God in them. If only fifty percent of Congress get booted out in 2010, you will see public hand wringing on TV and in the press. Pundits, bloggers, everyone will scream"what happened here?!" Nothing like this has ever happened in this country's entire history.

You know what the best thing is? There is nothing they can do about it. Nobody can tell you how to vote. Not Congress, not the president, not the Supreme Court. Nobody. Only you have the power of that decision - and it doesn't take much. Just punch your hole next to the opponent's name whenever you go vote.

That's all it takes. It is the easiest revolution in the world. It takes no time and it costs nothing. It only takes for you to change your mind - and act on it!

Now, go and do it. Lady Liberty herself is waiting for you at the voting booth. Don't make her cry anymore.

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