Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Neoconned - Again?


"Neoconservative insurgents have hijacked a "RonPaul Airlines" plane and are commandeering it to fly into the last remaining bastion of freedom, the twin towers of "Peace" (unless attacked) and "Prosperity" (unless we can't get rid of the Fed). Unwitting passengers are reportedly too enthralled to simply bum-rush these idiots and are bracing themselves for being taken on yet another "one hell of a ride."

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Want more evidence? As recently as yesterday, the www.teapartyday.com website had Newt Gingrich's mug shot on the video at the top of its home page. Who owns that site? It doesn't say. A "whois" search reveals the domain is owned by and outfit called "AFA" at the address 450 Main Street Savannah, Tennessee 38372. A Google search for that reveals it is the American Family Association.

Now, don't get me wrong. There's nothing wrong with the American family, but the AFA is a total neocon-duped Christian Right organization - you know, the ones who ignored and shouted down Ron Paul durng all of 2007 and most of 2008 and kept hanging on every single word of George W. Bush and friends.

Who is headlining at the Tea Party in Atlanta? Ron Paul hater Sean Hannity himself. And, oh yeah, before I forget: Rick Perry now mysteriously comes out and supports the excellent Texas Sovereignty Declaration drafted and introduced by Texas State Rep Brandon Creighton.

Make no mistake. Rick "TTC-Man" Perry is no friend of Texas sovereignty. He presided over the giveaway of the "management rights" over certain Texas freeways to "Cinta", the Spanish corporation who apparently as the highest bidder for the Trans Texas Corridor. When it comes to posturing about the border, Rick is always front and center - but then he always has these mysterious changes of mind when the limelight isn't on him. What a shame.

Well, there's one way to see if Rickieboy is for real: if he comes out in support of Debra Medina for Texas governor in 2010 and really helps her instead of only seeming to do so while tripping her up, that's when I'll believe him. (Well, maybe that's a bit strong of a word. Let's say that's when I won't distrust him as much.)

But wait, there's more: Even arch Paul-hater Michelle Malkin comes out gushing about the Tea Parties growing. Who would have thought?

Let's face it: The Republican Party as we all know it is finished, and these guys know it. Without the fresh blood of the Ron Paul movement and everything that accompanies it, the GOP is no more. Since I am a supporter of Ron Paul's ideas, and since I haven't volunteered to give my blood to the GOP, I must assume they are intent on sucking it out of me anyway, with or without my consent.

Fat chance - again!

In any case, it is undeniable by now that former neocons are falling all over themselves to associate their sorry selves with this movement - so they will reap the rewards and come back into power when the mounting backlash against Obama makes Mr. Stupid American go back to the polls in 2010 and think he is "voting the bad guys out" when he votes the same old GOP squadron of power-hungry cretins back in that have ruled us without any regard to the Constitutionuntil last fall. Oh, the miracles of the two-party system never cease!

Have they all miraculously seen the light, now? Fat chance. Maybe a Bud Light, but that's about it.

Now, granted, this is a great opportunity for us to get our message out. We just need to be careful who holds the reins when we all hitch our wagons to that beaten old (but still hungry!) horse. Human nature dictates that, when they offer those among us whom they perceive as key opinion makers a 'position of influence' within their party apparatus here or there (or maybe on Fox News), many of us will fold and end up playing into their hands. Wanna bet?

However, as long as we manage to stick to the Constitution as the measuring rod (and maybe the beating rod) to evaluate their actions and the things they ask us to support once they think they have gained our trust, and as long as we - from now on until forever - immediately vote out anyone in power who violates his oath of office, they really can't win.

This whole thing will show, more than anything else, whether America still has a right to be free - or whether even we are willing to trade that freedom for either security, fame, fortune, or power. You know what happens to those who try, don't you?

The good part is that whether this happens or not is entirely within our power - not theirs!

Here is something worth considering:

If we are strong enough to make these goons try to jump on our bandwagon - couldn't we "make it" all on our own, even without their Faustian offers of media and power-structure help?

Just a thought.


justjosephhere said...

I've "talked" with about a dozen RSVP'd "Tea Baggers" here in Portland Oregon. Not one knew of any "sponsors" of the websites they referred me to. Most of the sites are "vague" when one seeks to explore their "About Us". Links take one to "Contact Us" or "FAQ" pages, both of which present little organizational or administrative or mission statement info, as one expects there.

I am one to follow the advice contained in a Buddhist adage, "When sipping the refreshing clear, cold, babbling brook take the time to consider the spring from which it flows." To which I have added the additional thought, "for in the headwaters of the source could lie the moulderin' corpse of some critter". This is a real-life experience from a hunting trip years ago!

The spring from which this movement flows has a lingering taste of something moulderin'!

Marsharks said...

That Paul hater...Michelle Malkin is hot though....you have to admit that!