Monday, April 27, 2009

The Granny Warrior Smells A Rat

(The following is from Linda Hunnicut, better known under her fighting name, "The Granny Warrior". She nails it. Bottom line is that what should be done to contain this plague, if it is one, is close the borders to illegal traffic, for one. What should not be done is to "closely monitor" legal entry points while doing nothing about the thousands of miles of illegal entry stretches. It's like a bank strip-searching its customers who come through the front door while leaving the safe and the back door wide open for burglars. It makes no sense. But there is way more to the subject than this.)

Take it from Granny:

It Stinks!
by Linda Hunnicut

"Folks lets get real here now. I just read where there were over 50,000,000 doses of vaccine ready to roll for this flu virus? Now how can that be? Of course there is always the Tamiflu medication which will make Rumsflield even richer.

When you think about all the deaths what is it now 200? More people die from colds and regular flu every year than this yet this is being touted as a major dangerous virus? BUT.. being so dangerous our borders will stay open? Do you realize that with this scare tactic going on the Mexican population will be lining up at the borders flooding more and more illegals into this country. We are already over run but keep the borders open not a problem..Bring it on. We are all such good people and only want to help these poor people survive... We will give up our health, our freedoms, our language, our money and our homes, jobs and education to help these poor people. After all we are a Christian nation. Oh wait no we are not, Obama told the world we were not a Christian Nation but a Global one...

Every single radio, tv and internet connection is blasting about the Pandemic? What pandemic? Where is it? Oh Yes Mexico where the government is in need of shutting down because of the Drug Cartels taking over? Could this just be a method of scaring people into conforming? Obeying? Fear is the driving force of every regimes over taking of power.

It also plays right into our Governments goals of keeping us the Americans busy with one thing and sneaking in laws, rules and mandates behind closed curtains. We aren't paying attention to what they are doing while we are obsessed with the fear of a Pandemic. What perfect timing.. Of course Obama isn't in fear, he was just in Mexico and was in close proximity to one of the rulers there that just died from the supposedly Terrible Pandemic? Why wasn't Obama in fear ? That should tell us all something is wrong with this whole thing.

Fear is the enemy and will always do the work of taming the people into submission. Always. The majority of people will do anything out of fear, give up their rights, give up their guns, give up their beliefs and give up their individuality and even worse give up their common sense.

I hate fear. I hate fear mongers. I hate those that give up in fear.

How long will it be before we are told to go to designated stations and get our shots to protect us against this deadly virus? Folks if you go for this you are certainly brain dead, First of all there has not been enough time from the identification of the virus to even design a vaccine much less time to produce it in mass quantities that is unless they have some serum they need to get rid of ready to go? The big Pharma companies probably have tons of different serums they haven't been able to sell to the public and need the space and money. It all boils down to the $$$$$ doesn't it? Or another thought, could it be the serum contains the actual virus to make the Pandemic Real? To get rid of a lot of the population and save the planet as the Globalists keep saying needs to be done?

Folks use common sense... do what is necessary to protect your family sensibly. Don't become a panic stricken victim of FEAR. Stop listening and believing everything that is broadcast over the air waves, how much truth have you heard from them in the past? Think about it. How many times have the fear mongers tried to start events that failed because the people just didn't listen? The basic fear of death and illness is one of the best methods of scaring people into IN-Action... Let's give them some reaction. Ignore the so called Hosts of Horror. Think and reason for yourself. If you feel the need for protection then do it but on your own path, eat healthy, take your supplements, don't go over and hug someone with a snotty nose who is sneezing and coughing out of pity, just walk away. It probably isn't the flu but a nasty spring cold. But why take the chance?

What we need to be focusing on is the state of our Nation, the take over of the Communist in our own country. We cannot allow our attention to be diverted. Every day more and more of our freedoms are being derailed and with the Congress's approval.

I think we have lost that battle but will win in the end if we can just keep our heads on straight. Just think of all regimes and their downfall, once a tyrant is appointed and gains control there are always those in his own group that want to have his power and contrive and conspire to take it away which makes it a battle within itself. The corrupt will kill each other off as they have no loyalty, it is all about power. People who desire power so highly are usually just pitiful bullies who have no courage on their own but depend on followers to do the work. Bullies ae always present in any of these regimes, remember Sadam hiding in the cave like a wimpy little weasel? Did he stand up like a man or cower in a cave like the coward he was? They are all the same.. look back in history, how many tyrants were killed in battle?

When the masses of people who have followed their lead and believed their lies realize they have been dealt a bad hand they will also rise up in mass wanting all the good things that have been promised. Where is their equality, their free medicine, their free homes and cars, their free income, their glorious life of ease and peace? Who is protecting them? Who is keeping them safe and from what?

We just have to survive and wait for them to cripple themselves.. A crippled corrupt Power Monger is easy to overtake. We can rebuild America if we are strong both in body and mind.

It is important now for all of those people who want to survive in a settlement of like minded people to join with us now and get a safe place of retreat. When it is necessary for you to relocate your family to a place that has good food, clean water and people who think for them selves you will have a place ready and waiting for you. If some terrible disaster happens you will have a place of safety to escape to. There isn't a need for you to pull up stakes and move immediately, there are those that will be there making it ready for everyone, so when you need your place it will be ready and even if you lose everything by some sort of disaster you can be assured you won't be dumpster diving for your daily bread.


Anonymous said...

Granny's Freedom County land scam. Not a thing she claims on that website of hers is true. She doesn't have any kind of non profit status in any state. Scam.I'm sick of seeing her do this to people.

Alex Wallenwein said...

You (whoever you 'anonymously' are) are "sick" of seeing her do exactly what to people?

Anonymous said...

Now we're getting emails for a chipin for Granny to replace her "beloved" monkey that died TWO DAYS BEFORE! They want $6000 for the new monkey BTW.

BMcDonad said...

I'm really sick of people who don't even have the coconuts to use their real name on posts, who just blather on about how bad other people are that are actually doing something to help save our country. Nobody is perfect. You can always find bad things to sling at others. Which is all you "Anonymous" are doing. The granny warriors have done a tremendous amount to try and save our nation. What the hell have you done?

Anonymous said...

You DO realize your using an anachronym. and not your name, don't you? Anyway, why would anyone, patriot or not, set up a chipin to buy a 6000.00 monkey. You seemed to have glossed the issue ans made a generic attack.

Bruce McDonald said...

That's your issue. Not mine. People are free to do whatever the hell they want to do. Many people love the granny warriors and no doubt feel very badly about the monkey dying. If people want to help them, why the hell shouldn't they help them? Who are you to cast aspersions?

You glossed over the issue. The Grannies have done a lot to help say this country. Why don't you spend your time doing something constructive rather than leaving character assassination comments of blogs?

Anonymous said...

Well, I AM going to use my real name because I'm not afraid of getting involved in anything.

I was called today and threatened with a lawsuit because I copied and pasted the Freedom Is Not Dead material on the Freedom County Web site over on my blog, The Ellis County Observer (

This guy who threatened to sue me alleged he was the landowner and that no money has been paid to purchase the land in which those photos are depicting.

Unfortunately for him, I have plenty of companies with my own full-fledged legal staff to fight off this, and unfortunately for him again, he threatened lawsuits when I was trying to help him if in fact this Freedom County thing is a scam.

But if this Freedom County thing is a scam, which this landowner has alleged, we've got more problems.

You folks better get these libertarians shaped up. I had run-ins with Chuck Geshlider and some scam Free State Project people, and I sure as hell won't be linked with them in some lawsuit for simply reporting what was already posted on a Web site.

Joey G. Dauben
The Ellis County Observer